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Technical Trainee

Imke, Trainee at Lorenz Snack-World

Program: Engineering/Technology, Studies: HS Wismar in Process and Environmental Technology

  1. Why did you decide on the trainee program at Lorenz Snack-World?
    After I got my Bachelor, I asked myself: what comes next? I had the choice between doing a Master’s degree, a trainee program or directly starting to work. In my opinion, doing a trainee program is something like a vocational Master’s. My studies had shown me that I learn a lot more through practical and real challenges than just through the theoretical examples at university. This is why I decided on a traineeship. I decided on Lorenz Snack-World because I have an agricultural background and I am very interested in the food industry. It was also important to me to gain insight into the different departments in a company which was also part of the trainee program.
  2. What areas have you gotten to know during the trainee program? For the most part of my trainee program, I was in the technical/engineering department in Hankensbuettel. I was able to get to know the factory at Stanowice/Poland through a longer stay during which I took a look at other technologies and ideas. Currently, I’m at the factory in Neunburg vorm Wald. I can get to know various departments here and participate in projects.
  3. What projects have you worked on so far? What were your central tasks?
    Up to now I have worked on the water processing – specifically reorganizing the fat separator in Hankensbuettel. It was my job to develop a concept, separate the parts and think of a sensible set up. In addition, I called for quotes from various companies for parts and compared them. The installation phase was particularly instructional. I was the contact for the external companies and coordinated them, answered questions and made decisions. After the installation, the machine was up and running but now we have to find the right settings and adjust valves if necessary.
  4. What have you learned during your time as a trainee? What has made the biggest impression on you?
    The most important thing I have learned is: communication. It is really important to keep talking to people. Beforehand with the machine operators: What are the problems with the current system, what should the new system look like? Besides the colleague experiences, you should also observe the process yourself and do so at different times. During the actual reconstruction, you should keep a dialogue going with the external companies so that no misunderstandings arise. Talking to the machine operators after reconstruction is just as important as the talks beforehand: how well does the new system function, are there new problems that have come up after the change and how can we solve these? It is important to make decisions but it is just as important to listen to other opinions and suggestions and include these in your decision making.
  5. Why would you recommend the trainee program at Lorenz Snack-World?
    I would recommend the Lorenz Snack-World Trainee-Program because you can really learn a lot during this time. During your time at the factories, you can get to know lots of people and the different systems they work with. This really gives you the “big picture” because, despite the fact that it is one company, each factory has evolved differently and therefore has different technologies, systems and experiences. This is another area where communication comes in – you can and should learn from other people’s experience. Another reason for recommending Lorenz Snack-World is that it is a family-run company with a “good” size where you quickly get to know the people and they can help you out if you run into problems.