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Trainee Sales

Martine, Trainee at Lorenz Snack-World

Program: Sales, Studies: Sales & Marketing at the Wiesbaden Business School/Hochschule RheinMain

  1. Why did you decide on the trainee program at Lorenz Snack-World?
    I was interested in Lorenz Snack-World because it is a mid-sized company which distinguishes itself as being professional, dynamic and responsible – on the outside as well as on the inside. In addition, the structure of the trainee program and the areas covered were exactly what I was looking for. I saw this as a good opportunity to develop my professional capabilities as well as my own experience. Starting with the interview process, I could sense how important fairness and cooperation is at this company. This is exactly how I expected my future employer to be and that’s why I was really happy when I received my acceptance to the sales trainee program.
  2. What areas have you gotten to know during the trainee program?
    - Strategic Customer Development (6 months)
    - Sales Force (4 months)
    - Production (2 months)
    - Brand Management (6 months)
  3. What projects have you worked on so far? What were your central tasks?
    My main task was to get to know the sales department and the departments that are linked to it. This included the specific aspects, challenges and daily business of each area as well as the interdependence between them. It was my goal to play an active part in each department and learn as much as possible. I worked on projects such as the development of a solution for a production-specific problem, the launch of a market innovation, attended to my own sales region as well as carrying out various customer-specific analyses. This was all important in order to understand the work process and the relationships between the departments.
  4. What have you learned during your time as a trainee? What has made the biggest impression on you?
    I learned how important communication is on a daily business. Not only in my own department but overall. I was able to develop my client negotiation and presentation skills. Good time management is important in all areas along with the flexibility to work on new, sometimes specific or regional peculiarities. I’ve learned how our products are produced and about the challenges of working with products of nature, which are never entirely the same. I was especially impressed by how helpful and motivated my colleagues in the various departments were. I could ask my questions at any time and everyone was willing to help. There is a strong sense of support among colleagues and I was warmly welcomed into each new team. I was able to get to know lots of colleagues in various departments within a short time and this helped me build up a good network within the company.
  5. Why would you recommend the trainee program at Lorenz Snack-World?
    I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for new challenges and wants to work independently on interesting projects. If you are looking for a nice atmosphere and want to work in a dynamic, professional team – you will not be disappointed at Lorenz. There is always an open ear for individual ideas and suggestions and I feel like I play an active and relevant role in a successful family-run company.