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A young man doing his  vocational education at Lorenz Snack-World

Technical Vocational Training

Jan-Pascale, Apprentice / Vocational Training at Lorenz Snack-World

Industrial Mechanic, 3rd Year Vocational Training, Location Hankensbuettel

  1. What made you decide to do your vocational training at Lorenz Snack-World?
    I had always wanted to be a mechanic but then I decided to become an industrial mechanic because there’s more you can do with that. I came to Lorenz Snack-World through a relative that also works here. He told me all about the company and it made a good impression on me. What was great was that they got back to me very quickly – within two weeks!
  2. Which areas have you gotten to know so far and what projects or larger tasks have you worked on?
    First you get a basic training in filing, drilling, spinning, milling, welding and burning. In addition, you spend a lot of time in the production halls in order to get to know the production process. Towards the end of my training I was given first small tasks in production, for example the connection of a pump. We prepared ourselves thoroughly – in practice as well as in theory – for the mid-term exam. We were encouraged to ask the trainers whenever we had questions. After the mid-term exam, I was given more tasks in production. For a while now I have been doing accompanying shift work through which we trainees really gain production experience and are fully integrated into daily work. I also have tasks to complete on my own – I am in charge of the phone line where all the production requests come in and call the assistants for support only when I don’t know the answer to something.
  3. What have you learnt during your training, what has left an impression on you?
    The diversity has impressed me! Of course there are a lot of repetitions in the basic training work, but there is always something new in production. And there are so many development opportunities.
  4. Would you recommend the vocational training at Lorenz Snack-World?
    Yes – for sure!
  5. What would you tell your friends is the reason for starting a training at the Lorenz Snack-World?
    At Lorenz you get a good, comprehensive training and are entrusted with various tasks. You get to know the production process in a way you wouldn’t as a simple “snack consumer”. And the atmosphere at work is also very good.