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What our entry-level colleagues have to say
Two young men doing their vocational education at Lorenz Snack-World

Technical Vocational Training

Martin and Kevin, Apprentices / Vocational Training at Lorenz Snack-World

Machine and Site Operator, 2nd Year Vocational Training, Location Hankensbuettel

  1. What made you decide to do your vocational training at Lorenz Snack-World?
    Kevin: I did an internship in production while I was at school and which I enjoyed. When I was recommended for the vocational training, I applied as a machine and site operator for which I was accepted.
    Martin: Lorenz Snack-World is a big employer in this region. I looked at the website before applying and saw that there are good opportunities for development.
  2. Which areas have you gotten to know so far and what projects or larger tasks have you worked on?
    There are a lot of different aspects to the training. You work your way almost through the whole factory from the laboratory to the production area. At the beginning, we spent two weeks in the workshop and received basic training in metal technology (sawing, filing, drilling).
    Martin: In the meantime, I’ve been involved in quite a few tests for new products and have even experienced the complete development of a new product. During this process, I continuously tried out new things that might improve the product.
    Kevin: I’ve worked at the packaging robot, setting up the empty containers for Chipsletten, taken care of any disturbances etc. You work independently from a very early point on but you can always ask someone when you are unsure of something.
  3. What have you learnt during your training, what has left an impression on you?
    It is a really great experience to get to know everything from the beginning to the end – from the delivery of the potatoes to the finished bag of chips. Team work plays a big role. Flexibility too – the apprentices are always hands-on.
  4. Would you recommend the vocational training at Lorenz Snack-World? What would you tell your friends is the reason for starting a training at the Lorenz Snack-World?
    Yes. The training is very comprehensive and you get to know the different areas of production. The working atmosphere is good and the work is fun.